Friday, December 30, 2011

The List 2012

So. Here we are. The end of 2011. In a nutshell, this year has sucked.

While it's not the worst year on record (that would be 2006), it's been a pretty rough ride, a close second.
But, I hate to complain, and this really isn't about all that...
To be honest, I'm just trying out a new bluetooth keyboard I got for the new iPad I got for Christmas.
It's tiny and will definitely take some getting used to.
I was hoping to do more writing with it, maybe even write everyday, but let's face it- I'm not exacly "consistent' with that little New Years resolution. I'm not going to say that I'll do it this year, maybe just write as much as I can.
So far, typing with this little keyboard is a pain. It IS faster than a thumb keyboard on a phone, but I look like I'm trying to play the world's tiniest piano. My fingers are just to big.

Anyway, unlike last year, I'm going to write out a List for 2012. Maybe that will help this year flow a little better.
Ok. I'm going to do this right now, otherwise, I'll put it off because I am the KingOfPain aka KingOfProcrastination...

The List

1. Train hard.
2. Complete the Texas Ironman on May 19th.
3. Keep my family first. They are already first, but maintaining this is a constant struggle with outside forces always jockying for my time.
4. Stay on course with our financial goals.
5. Sell the house before the end of Summer.
6. Move to a ranch. We're thinking between 10-20 acres, hopefully an equestrian setup with a nice, single story ranch house already in place, but we're willing to build. I'm really keen on becoming more self-sufficient. I want to have some livestock, gardens, alternative power, food stores, and a well. Basically everything that a working ranch would need, plus be ready for the coming alien-zombie apocalypse.
7. Actually, number 6 should be for 2013, especially if we build. 2012 will be spent getting everything we need prepared and in place to have the number 6 of our dreams.
8. I think it's a good year for a Guy's Trip to the mountains. I smell a 14er in my future...
9. And of course, I think it's a good year for anoither roadtrip for Amy and I.
10. I'm going to write more, but no promises on an everyday thing. You know? I've BEEN posting almost everyday of 2011, just not here. I usually post photos on Instagram. Great. Now I feel less guilty. See? Things are looking up aready.
11. I may add to this later, but this is what I've got so far.