Thursday, March 5, 2009

I got my Mac back tonight!

So happy.

I'm in rehearsal right now.

Ok, now I'm out.

So yeah, my Macbook Pro got a total face lift.

Several months ago, a DVD had gotten itself stuck in the drive so I had to take it to the Apple store. They looked at it and said the drive needed to be replaced.
No prob, go ahead and do that.
Unfortunately, the technician that replaced the drive inadvertently scratched the case for me.
No prob, can you fix it for me?

Absolutely, sir. We will just replace the bottom half of the case for you. We'll call you when the part comes in.

::8 months later::

...No call...

So I called them, and they said, bring it on in again.
I did and they said, so sorry, sir. We'll just mail it off to our repair shop and get it back faster than if we ordered another part.

I have to say, and this is why I LOVE Apple, they really went out of their way to make it right.

They replaced the bottom case, the top case, the keyboard, the DVD drive, and all the cabling inside. My Mac looks brand spanking new again!

My faith is renewed and this is a total pimp shout out to Apple.

Go get you one.