Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Photo, Workout, And Jeep Post... Again

We never got out to that new place to shoot Sunday. It was too overcast, muggy, and weird, not fun to shoot pics in. I've got one here though, from the arboretum a few months ago. I like the lushness of it. Also I like the word 'lush' even though it has a negative connotation. hehe.

The workouts are still going strong. I'm actually sore after yesterdays long swim which is why I did cardio and a leg workout today, 45 minutes on the Elliptical then lifting and therapy for the ol' knees. Good stuff.

I'm hoping tomorrow I will have my Jeep. I don't have much time after work to pick it up, but I may be able to get it when I'm done playing the music part of the service at church. Then I'll just jet on down to the Galleria area and grab it. I'll definitely post pictures once I get it home. It's a cool midnight blue with black top. Sweetness.