Sunday, March 20, 2011

What To Do?

What to do today?
I know Amy and I have some work to do on wedding albums... I also know that she will not want to work on them until Monday.
That's not a problem for me. I think I'll be able to finish them in one day.
We've also got a huge order to finalize with the client. Should be around a $1000 order. Yes! Smells like success.

I'm so ready to get this ball rolling again, the biz, I mean.

Amy's mom is doing a lot better now. She is staying with us while she recovers. Her strength is definitely coming back, proof: she can now walk up the stairs without help.
The other day, she wanted to take a bath so Amy was there to help her out.
The problem was, her mother, being so weak, couldn't get out of the tub... and Amy couldn't lift her.
Lucky for them, I was home, and after a few moments of frantic whisper arguing (channeling Seinfeld) I agreed to go upstairs and help my Mother-in-law get out of the tub. Haha! I know it was embarrassing for her, but we all laughed about it later. It wasn't so bad. Amy had wrapped a robe around her, I simply got in the tub behind her, hooked her under the arms, and lifted her up and out, easy as that. I'm just not used to having to assist people like that. I guess that's what we're all in for sooner or later.

Have a great Sunday!


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