Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Music Scene

So, the band.
I can't comment while on my phone so I'll just talk about it here.

I'm part of a band that plays at my church. It's a great group of musicians who give 110%, week in and week out.
There is a lot of discipline among us as we have a Band Leader and then Music Director who oversees everything.
The Band Leader leads the band through rehearsals amd services. He has a mic with which he can speak to us... and sometimes crack jokes. We all hear the music and Band Leader through an in-ear monitor system(high end headphones).
The Music Director has final say on anything we do musically, but he's very open-minded and has good taste. He almost always goes with our ideas as long as they mesh well with the singers.
Most of the band members have more than 20 years of experience, and have even played with some big names in music. Seriously. Prince's drummer actually runs sound for us and sometimes will sub in. That's crazy itnit?
If I'M absent for some reason, Prince's bass player will sub, and if he can't make it, our second band leader will sub in. He is a producer/ musician with Grammy awards under his belt. Killer.

So yeah, it's church, but it's pretty incredible music... and the only reason I say it like that at all is because some folks hear "church music" and think pipe organ, or "Gimme that old time religion". haha yeah... not even close.
We play stuff, or change styles of songs to fill our Funk, R&B, Rock, Jazz, Latin, and Alternative music needs. I definitely get my musical "fix" here with these guys... and I don't even have to suffer through the bar scene to get it.

I'm also paid, of course, and that is why I dedicate so much time to it: Wed night, Thurs night, Sat night, 3 services on Sunday, and extra rehearsals if we're doing a special event.
It's a lot of time to be gone after my regular job, but it pays the rent. Know what I mean?

I think I would miss the music most of anything in this town... if we were to move or something...

Anyway, have a great Sunday! I'm still in church...