Saturday, July 4, 2009

4-Wheeler Mechanic On The Fourth

After I got home yesterday, Amy and I packed up and headed to her parent's in Madisonville for the fourth.

No fireworks because of the dry spell we've been having, but we still had a nice time. I got Tristan's 4-wheeler running and we rode that around until we hit some sort of metal spike thing. We wer about 5 miles from home.
I was kind of clever here: The spike was about 9 inches long and protruding from the center of the rear tire. Thinking fast, I carved a stick that was slightly larger in diameter than the spike and was maybe 3 inches long. I pulled the spike, then immediately jammed the stick bout halfway into the tire before the air had time to leak out. We were able to drive it all the way home without loosing all the air and ruining the tire. Sweet.
Later, the muffler fell off.
I fixed that by taking the manifold/muffler screws out of his little dirt-bike and used them on the 4-wheeler.
I was a regular mechanic that day. I think I'm also Tristan's hero which is a pretty cool way to be on the Fourth of July.