Friday, February 12, 2010

We Shall See

Hello, everyone... anyone?

I hate it that I don't write anymore.
I've tried to figure out just what the problem is, and have come to a conclusion:


BUT, there is hope.
My job has finally turned another corner and the good people at... the phone company, have allowed us to go back on Home-Dispatch.
This means instead of driving to the office and sitting in redundant, blow-hard policy meetings everyday, I drive straight to my first job from my house. It gives me about an hour of "free" time to get settled, have a cup o' Joe if I wish, and catch up on my reading/blogging.
I may actually have time to write again! After all, it only fell apart whenever we were taken off Home-Dispatch while a new contract was negotiated. It only took a year.

All that being said, we are working hard on the Photography business so I can quit my regular job by next January. We are doing sessions just about every week, and we STILL haven't really gotten out there and advertised yet. So far it's been all word of mouth.

This week was Tristan's first week of public school in almost 3 years. It wasn't an easy decision to take him out of private school, but they really left us no choice. The teacher he had this year was deplorable. He had shut off to her, which I wasn't very happy about, but his grades were suffering pretty badly, and he was miserable. I tried to coach him on dealing with a bad situation, the way I did with my crappy job, and crappy boss (HA!!), but he had already shut down completely.
When we took stock of where we were, we decided that he had gotten all of the rudiments that he had missed in early elementary by now, and was ready to swim with the big fish again. They started him in a higher grade than he was in at the private school and he was tickled pink at that. Plus, he has his old friends back. Overall, I think our decision to pull him from public school, and now reinstating him, was good. It worked out.
I hope... we shall see...