Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Like A Saturday

Today felt like a Saturday.

Tristan and I did a little work around the flower beds, VERY light work mind you.
It was our second day of clearing out weeds and small brush. I must say it's looking pretty nice, like we gave the house and yard a haircut.

After that, we went out in Jeep for Tristan's second manual shift driving lesson. We drove out to a developing neighborhood that had no houses and found a small loop to practice on. Right off the bat, he drove over the curb and crashed through the barrier into the empty dirt lot. Haha! He just couldn't put together the clutch, the gas, and steering all at the same time.
After a refresher, he got his Mojo back and we cruised around the block eight or nine times without incident. He likes the stick shift, he is his father's son.
When we got back home, Amy was already there and starting on the grill: Steak, shrimp, a tuna steak (for the seared sashimi sushi), and veggies.
One word:
Love me some grillin' and chillin'.

Now I have to get to the gym a some point tonight. It's already nine, but the gym is open 24 hours.
We'll see...