Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hello Again

Hi, guys.
Crazy times...
Lots of wack stuff has surfaced concerning my parents.
That's an understatement... I don't think I ever want to
see them again.

In other news, the photography biz is growing and doing quite well.
We're overall happy with the way things are going, but I would LOVE to
be able to put more time into it.

So I guess KCL has gone down. I can't find it. Bummer, I was wanting to start writing
again in a little more private venue. I hope everything is ok...

Training, as always, is still an ongoing thing in my life.
I've gone between lifting and trying to bulk up, to running exclusively,
to now swimming, biking, and lifting all together.

The real deal Ironman has contracted to have races in The Woodlands, Tx for the next 5 years.
I plan on volunteering in 2011 and racing in April 2012. I guess training-wise,
everything is leading up to that race. It's the big one.
I want to be able to say "Why yes, I AM an Ironman."