Friday, January 28, 2011


So someone apparently stole our business credit card number last week.
Amy noticed some odd charges when she was looking at the account last night, charges to Lowes and Toys-R-Us somewhere in California.

We called a friend and she told us that the bank may close the account and have us open up another one, and that they should ultimately give us back the money that was stolen.
To be safe, I transferred the remaining money into another account.
We called the bank this morning and found that the charges were made with Amy's card (we both have personal cards to the account). All they had to do was cancel her card and reissue another one though. My card is still "secure".

I would really like to know how the thief got access to the number. Amy uses the card the most with vendors and other purchases. I hope the investigators find them. Fat chance...

In other news: it's Friday! I get out of class today at noon. I'm going on a long bike ride when I get home. It's beautiful outside.

Have a great weekend!



Didn't write.

I actually got off work early yesterday, watched some House with Amy, helped Tristan with math homework, then went to rehearsal. I had plenty of time to write, but still forgot.

Ok, now that that's out of the way, I'm going to write for today.



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