Monday, May 2, 2011

All Things Work, But Not All Things Work

I have a car that I haven't driven in a while.
A long while.

It's still a nice car, an Infiniti I30t, but it has a lot of miles so we drive the Jeep and our SUV.

I decided to run it for a bit today since it had been almost a month since I last started it.
No joy. The battery was completely dead. So I got the jumper cables and used the SUV to jump it. Worked like a charm, so I drove it to the gas station near the Walmart to fuel it up.
My plan was to leave it running while I pumped, but for some reason, it stalled and absolutely would not crank again.
Soooo I call Amy to bring the SUV and cables so I can jump it again. She can't find her keys... because I have her keys... AND my keys. So I tell her to get the spare Jeep key out of my backpack. No problem, except the SUV is blocking the Jeep in the garage. There are no spare SUV keys.
So, I walk to the Walmart an buy some jumper cables, walk back to the gas station and start asking people for a jump.
No luck until a wrecker pulls up and helps me out.
STILL no luck, it still doesn't have enough power to crank. After looking at the battery, I see that it has a three year warranty and that doesn't run out until August. Great!!
I borrow a crescent wrench, take out the battery, put it in a shopping cart, and make my way back to the Walmart.
They exchange the battery without a receipt, almost without question. That's pretty cool because it's a $100 battery.
I wheel the new battery back to the car, drop it in, hand tighten the cables and I was off.

It seemed like everything was working against me, but in the end, everything worked out fine, AND I got a free battery out of it.

I'm tired.
The End

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