Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's a beautiful Day

What a beautiful Saturday. I had forgotten what it's like to really get out there and enjoy that little bit of time off when I can get it.
The last three Saturdays, I've gotten up early, which is highly unusual, and gone out for a 20 mile bike.

Since I've been back in training, 7:30am is like sleeping late.
I get back home around 10:00am and have a nice little breakfast of eggs and thinly sliced chicken or turkey, a pancake, coffee, and a protein shake. the difference from saturday morning breakfast and breakfast on any other morning is that I get to:
R E L A X . . .
It's excellent.

After breakfast I spent a little time with the Jeep. I figured out how to get the hardtop and the doors off and away we went. Everyone piled in and we drove all over the place with U2 and Def Leopard blairing through the stereo. The sun was shining down and the temp today was almost 80 so it was just perfect!
I so needed a day like today. I hope everyone else was able to enjoy their Saturday and I love you all.
HAHAHA! You know, fresh air is like a drug. I will be riding with the top off as much as possible in the future.

Cya tomorrow.