Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Sunday Morning Ramble

I should try to start writing again. This is writing, but I mean writing.
I don't really take the time to be creative in my writing as of late... for the past several months, actually. Part of that has to do with my job in the way it has gotten a lot more stringent lately, but part of it is just laziness, I think.

I need to take time to have time, stop letting people take my time, as it were, take it back. I'm working on that. I really am.

Maybe a little poetry. Back at JS, I had a "poetry" journal that no one knew about... well a couple of people knew about it, but they weren't tellin'.
Anyway, I started it as a joke, but then found that I kind of liked writing poetry... I just haven't done it lately. Maybe I'll do it here... or not.

Another funny thing is this Blogger site. I still haven't really figured out all the ins and outs of it. Like the other day, I somehow started "following" myself. Sure, I like myself, but I don't want to follow myself. It's confusing.

Anyway... ok, I'm done with my Sunday morning ramble.

Oh, how do you like the daylight savings time change? I can't stand it. Now it's going to feel like 3:45am instead of the already grueling 4:45am.