Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Lovely Day

Awesome day today. I spent a couple of hours building another sandcastle. I lose track of time when I'm doing that. It's just so relaxing.
Yesterday, a kid that was watching asked if I was an architect. Today an older woman walked up and asked if I was a sculptor.
Gotta love that subtle flattery. haha

Here's one I worked on today.

We came back several hours later and got a few more photos of it.


Swimming And Sandcastles

Today was a great day.

The storm, or remnant of it, was completely gone. It was just a nice, partly cloudy, temperate day.
I went for a swim along the coastline, trying to get beyond the breakers, but the breakers went out to the horizon.
I started out swimming against the current so the swim back to where we were on the beach would be easier. On the way back, I crossed over a big stingray, maybe 4 feet long. I was only in about 5' of water, so it felt way to close for comfort.
I realize that they are mostly docile and all, but I JUST watched the show "When animals strike (or attack)". The episode was about the old man who got "stung" in the chest by a stingray that had jumped into his boat. The doctors were talking about the 3" piece of stinger that had broken off in his lung, and, with every breath, the barbed stinger kept ratcheting itself closer and closer to his heart until it was finally actually IN his heart. So, when I saw the ray, I was freaked and started paddling hard and fast for everything I was worth. When I finally stopped and looked up, I had passed Amy and Tristan on the beach.
Now when I'm swimming, I won't put my feet down on the sand until I've looked underwater to make sure there's nothing there. Yeah, it's humiliating...

Here's the first sandcastle of the year. Gonna make another one tomorrow.