Saturday, April 30, 2011

Promises, Promises

Yesterday for training I did a 2.4 mile swim.
I took it KIND of easy and added a minute to my time for it, 1 hour 25 minutes. All done, then got some sun. I don't want to be looking like a pale ghost for next Saturday's race.

I did a little time trial swim earlier in the week and got a PR out of it (personal Record), 500 meters in 8 minutes 28 seconds. I KILLED it to get that time, so hopefully I can make that a little easier this following week where I will be just recovering and swimming. No heavy leg stuff.
That being said, I dunno... my foot and leg... I've been told by a friend who is an RN that I should have my ankle looked at. It's still the size of a large orange when it should be down to normal size by now. It's been almost 3 months...
APPARENTLY, the Orthopedic surgeon who's been treating me is ONLY interested in the broken bone... which still hasn't healed yet. The ankle, I just found out, is not a concern to him at all. I have to go to a foot specialist to look at that.
You would think the doc would have mentioned that.
Anytime I would ask him about it, he would give a dismissive answer and say the broken bone is a bigger concern. I guess next week I'll go to a specialist and get it checked.
I'm probably doing to much... It's so hard to go easy, or just give up and do nothing at all, even IF it's for the best.
Some would call this addictive behavior. ha!

After the race next weekend, I promise to take it easy, IF that's what I must do.
AND, I won't go hard on the race... except for the swim. I want to be number one at that... especially since I'll be in last place for the "run" hobble.