Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Link And Some Hope

Yup. I'm going to pimp our website to you one more time (today)... before I click on my daily ad here.


I've really got to get myself to the County Clerk's office to get our DBA and all that. Somehow, making everything official will make me feel better... legit.

Maybe I'll take half a day off tomorrow to do that.

I'm starving right now. Ok, there. Now I'm eating a chicken breast sandwich

as I type.

This morning in a meeting, we were told not to go into certain neighborhoods alone, or at all after certain hours. They are considered "Red zones" which means they are extremely dangerous. Part of the reason for this call is because some brilliant DEA agents disguised themselves as phone technicians while staking out some crackhouse or something like that. Apparently the word is out among the kindly and neighborly gangs around this area. So, thanks a lot for the target on our backs, DEA. The red looks great against the AT&T blue.

Oh what a happy day, the day I leave this place...