Monday, June 8, 2009

Good Times At Memorial Park

So yesterday, after all the church services and whatnot, we went to eat at Outback.

We usually go out to eat after church on Sundays, and we've developed a system where each week, someone different gets to pick where we eat. This week was Tristan's turn and we all knew where he would want to go because it never changes: Outback.
He really likes the cheese fries there and he's also a carnivorous, enthusiastic steak eater. We spoiled him on fillet mignon earlier in his childhood, so he's a bit of a steak snob now. If the steak has a hint of fat or gristle, he won't eat it.
Like father like son...
Anyway, I used to think Outback was ok, but some time back, they obviously changed their meat suppliers, because their steaks have tasted like CRAP ever since.
Tristan FINALLY realized this, and says he doesn't want to eat there anymore.
And all the family rejoiced!

After a quick lunch, we got home, took the top off the Jeep, loaded up the mountain bikes, and headed out to Memorial Park for some trail riding with friends.

We haven't done that in SO long, like 9 years! The last time we were on these trails, we had just gotten our bikes. Tristan was 3 years old so he rode on the back of my bike in a baby seat. haha! WOW, I didn't even wear a helmet back then, and everyone we came across on the trails were criticizing me for having a baby out there.
But I didn't listen.
He was having a good time zipping up and down the hills, and I managed to keep my head attatched. I wasn't going to do anything even remotely crazy with him on board.

Anyway, yesterday, he had his own bike and was absolutely LOVING the trails. We were both filthy, drenched in sweat, and exhausted after a few hours out there. It made me feel really good because FINALLY there is something that I think we both love and can share together.
Don't get me wrong though, we definitely have things in common, and we have a great relationship, but lately I feel like we are growing apart.
There was a time when I thought he would be a star drummer. He was doing relatively good with it, but for some reason, and it's probably my not being there, he lost interest.
Maybe it's just a "kid" thing. I'm sure he'll get back into it when the mood strikes. I guess my fear is, and it's probably a bit unsubstantiated, maybe I drive him away from things... like maybe I'm a little too much of a "teacher" when we do things together. I dunno...
More realistically, it's probably just his interest flowing in a different direction.

The thing is, he loves his video games with an addicts zeal, and has mostly shunned any sort of outdoor activities for the last year or so. He isn't ACTUALLY addicted, but he doesn't want to do anything else but talk about them, or play them, or go to the store and buy the latest greatest.

I'm hoping this new activity, at least new for him, will lead to other areas where we can relate. I KNOW it will if I don't suffocate the fire and just let it catch and burn on it's own.
I'll just supply the firewood.
For now, we'll just have fun getting out to the trails as much as possible.
Then eventually he can become a swimmer, a musician, an artist, a runner, a cyclist, a photographer, a... haha.