Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Blind Leading The Blinds

Yesterday, we went out and bought some blinds at Lowes. Apparently, Layla had somehow pulled down the blinds in our bedroom. She likes to look outside, you see...
Anyway, this time, I got the nicer, heavy duty wide slat blinds. They look so much better than those cheap plastic ones.
I went ahead and replaced all the street facing windows. They're a little expensive, so I'll finish out the house over the next two paydays (also, I don't feel like spending all day mounting blinds haha).

Right now, I'm back at Lowes returning one set that was defective. I fought with this one for over an hour last night. I hope they don't say anything about the hammer marks all over it... Hahaha.
Nah, I managed to control myself... Barely.


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