Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adventure Trip 2011 Day 4

Last night, I got a few night shots of the city of Sedona. Beautiful.
We woke up around 8ish, and started packing up to head towards the Grand Canyon.
We stopped at an RV camp and paid $7 for showers. The owner of the place showed us several spots that we HAD to check out in the canyon.
One place was called Desert View, aka Seven Sunsets, aka Lookout Tower. It was a spectacular sunset, and it really was as if the sun were setting in different directions one after another.

We met a couple from Boston and talked photography for a while. You meet all sorts of people on these roadtrips...

Before the Seven Sunsets, we had to get a campsite. We really lucked out and found a site for two nights. I think it was one of the last ones available too because an hour later, there was a long line of unhappy campers at the registration office. I was telling Amy we could probably sell our slot for $300.
She said no...

I'm all out of order on how we got here anyways, so let me just tell you now how AWESOME the Grand Canyon is:
It's pretty awesome!
It's hard to judge just how big it is. Your senses are too overwhelmed with the shear immensity of it.
Amy and I were awestruck. I'm sure this is the general consensus.

Since we hung around at the Seven Sunsets until after dark, we got back to camp for an after dark dinner. Amy grilled up some fine turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat. A FEAST in the outdoors.

Tomorrow, I'm hoping to do some mountain biking, and maybe hike down into the canyon.


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