Monday, February 14, 2011

Crutches, And Canes, And Cuddles, Oh My!

At around 6 this morning, I noticed that my ankle had FINALLY stopped hurting. It was nice for about two hours.
That's when Layla decided to go bounding across the bed and landed all of her 70 lbs right on top of my foot.
Yeah, I screamed. Heck of a way to wake up.
So it's hurting again, but at least it's not all red and feverish looking.

I'm hoping it will have mended enough by Thursday for me to use a cane. It will be much easier than wrestling with crutches on the plane, also no wear and tear under my arms.
We're still on for Vegas, but I dunno, it's going to involve a LOT of walking. I wonder if I could rent crutches once I get there? Haha.

Layla is FINALLY starting to accept Abby. I think she was grieving for most of yesterday, despondent, and unengaged.
Later that night, however, she began to give Abby a little attention, and finally squirmed her way into a cuddle when they were both tuckered out on the couch.

Everything is going to be all right.


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