Thursday, March 31, 2011

Breaking The Ironman

I'm sitting in rehearsal right now.
I just do not want to be here at the moment. I e got things to do at home, and this "sit-in" drummer, isn't up to speed with our material. It feels mushy.

My bike is calling.
This afternoon I bought a few things I will need for tomorrow's ridiculously long ride... 113 miles. It's our Break The Ironman Ride.
Ok. I think rehearsal is over now. Be right back to finish this up...

...ok. I'm back.
I stopped by the store to get a couple more items, and got to the task of outfitting my bike.
Mounted on the bike, I've got:
80oz of water and Gatorade
2 Cliff bars
2 oatmeal bars
3 gels
Pepper spray
2 tubes
2 air canisters
patch kit
and I rigged a velcro mount for my iPhone and extended battery on the aerobars. That's for my GPS and cyclometer. I like to track my rides.
Plus I'll have the phone for emergencies.

Alright. All set. Check me on the flip and I'll tell you all about it.

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