Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy Weather, And Boy's Day Out

Tomorrow is the race.

I am excited and nervous.

The weather today wasn't as cold today as I thought it would be, but the wind! Wow!
I went out to the lake to have a look at the setup. There were whitecaps everywhere and the surf was beating against the piers.
It was rough.
Hopefully tomorrow the wind will die down and so will the waves. It will be 36˚... I'm just going to crash through it as fast as I can, jump on my bike with minimal clothing, and then, by the time I get to the run, it should be warm enough to open it up.
It's gonna be good.

Today, Tristan and I had a fun father and son day. We went to the Game Stop s he could trade in some old video games and spend his allowance, we picked up my racing packet at the bike shop, and just drove around here and there in the Jeep. We had lunch at Texadelphia, which turned out to be a great little sports bar and grill. Good food!

I felt better getting out there with the youngun since we didn't do that camp out last night. By the time I got home from work, neither one of us really wanted to go, so we went to the movie store and got The Mosquito Coast. We watched and then went to bed by 11. We're little party animals, I tell ya.

Ok... tired now, gotta finish getting this race stuff together and get to bed.

Wish me luck!